An engaging online STEAM summer camp for middle school students.

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Would you like to see your children engaged in exciting projects over the summer instead of "zoning out" in front of television shows and video games? Wouldn't you love if they could also learn about important figures in African American history and their contributions?


Imagine your middle school students retaining the Math concepts they've learned over the school year while gaining skills in Critical Thinking, Writing, Science, Art, Coding, and more.

With STEAM Culture Camp, middle school students receive not only these benefits, but also:

  • Teacher feedback
  • Peer forums for sharing work
  • Entrepreneurship skills using digital tools
  • Gardening Extensions
  • Kitchen Chemistry projects
  • Weekly STEM opportunities such as contests and competitions
  • And much more!

Check out our four week, six week, and eight week camp bundles now and choose the appropriate length of time for your family.


2.6 months of math skills are lost over summer vacation. Avoid learning loss and gain new skills from anywhere in the world with STEAM Culture Camp.